Friday, December 13, 2013

Life's a Beach

What the hell have you been doing?
Administrating all my eBay charity auctions.

The glamour! What does that involve?
Emailing people to arrange their collections and pick-ups, mainly.

Phwoarr! Who have you met lately?
A lovely bloke called Daniel, who came to pick up both storage cubes and gave me twice the amount he should have, because he wanted to support Médecins Sans Frontières. And a nice woman who came to pick up my hair straighteners.

They're not your hair straighteners any more.
Very true. It was slightly embarrassing because I started to explain to her how to use them, and she interrupted with "I used to work for Amika" [the people who had manufactured the hair straighteners].

Oops. So how are the auctions going so far?
With the first seven items, I've raised over £250 for MSF. Along with the other 93 lots (50% of my possessions), I'm aiming to raise over £3,000 in total.

You could have a nice Caribbean holiday for that.
Yeah, but who needs sunshine when you live in the UK?