Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Return of AL

What have you been up to? Having spanking threesomes with hot girls while knocking back the Bailey's? I know what you debauched journalists are like.
Sadly not. I've been writing back to racists.

Do you have Nick Griffin as a pen pal then?
Thankfully not. But the rabidly anti-Semitic AL returned to my Inbox yesterday, so here's our correspondence.

from: [deleted]
to: ariane.sherine@gmail.com
date: 8 December 2013 17:54
subject: Re: To the man who threw $1,000 in the Mall of America: just give to charity

Dear Ariane,

I am just moved by the generosity of your Jewish boyfriends and the generosity of the Jewish people throwing lavish election parties for their influential contacts...

How selfless and generous of these people.

So sad that the guy decided to "snow" money on poor shoppers instead of "snowing" that amount to the Red Cross, United Way, Etc... - the companies whose Jewish CEOs are making millions.....


I replied: 

Dear AL,

To call me an 'influential contact' is something of a stretch. I'm a single mother and practising massage therapist on a low income.

Re. this debate: if you agree with me that the Jewish man who donated the money was generous, you're admitting that your first email was baseless.

Re. the charities American Red Cross and United Way, they are rated by Forbes as having 85% and 92% efficiency rates respectively, irrespective of the salaries of their CEOs. Why does it make a difference to you whether their CEOs are Jewish or not? I'm certain they would earn the same amount regardless of their ethnicity. Has it not occurred to you that people work for charities because they care deeply about other people's welfare? It is sad that you resent the fact that people of a different ethnicity are doing better than you, and improving the world in a way you are not.

Here's a thought: maybe if you put the same energy into bettering yourself as you do sending racist emails to journalists in another country whom you've never met, you might achieve more and attain more peace of mind?

This will be my last email to you.

Yours sincerely,