Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The DoNation

Who the hell's that?
Stop being so rude! That is Harriet Rockliff, Operations Manager at The DoNation.

The Donation? Sheesh, are you asking me to give money again?
No. The DoNation is an environmental initiative that asks you to change your actions, not donate cash.

What kind of actions? Y-M-C-A? Semaphore? Mexican waves?
No, silly. Look at this chart full of simple actions, and choose the ones that suit you best.

Can't I do the Macarena instead?
No, but you can eat macaroni cheese ('Veg Out') or, if you want to move your body, take the stairs instead of the lift ('Step Up'). Did you know that a 15-second lift journey uses as much energy as a 60W light bulb does in an hour?

Yawn. Fascinating. Going veggie and running up the stairs aren't particularly manly challenges though, are they?
Fine, if you want manly, you can do the Brutal 10K, a 10km run across marshes, gravel, hills, grass and mud - and encourage your friends to sponsor you by pledging to take simple environmental actions such as the ones above.

That sounds more like it. How do I sign up?
Just click this link. And then when you pass the finish line, you can do the Macarena.

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