Thursday, January 9, 2014

Writing, Crap Telly and Proper Jobs

Where the hell have you been?
I've been writing. I wrote this piece on atheists, and this article for the Family section of Saturday's Guardian. And I've also uploaded some more eBay charity listings.

So you've just been sitting on your arse, have you?
Sort of. But I've also been looking after Lily, and going to see Zarepha.

What, so you have an excuse to watch crap telly?
Crap telly is quite fun. This week we watched All Star Mr and Mrs, on ITV1. Gary Lineker looked a bit embarrassed when his wife described his favourite band, Coldplay, as "depressing weirdo music".

How was Zarepha?
Not in a good way. She had a bad cold. I took her some flowers though, and she said "I love flowers". I think they can make all the difference in bleak January.

Been doing anything else? The rest of us have proper jobs, you know.
I'd quite like a proper job, but would have to earn enough to cover childcare, and it's tricky getting a proper job when you've never really had one. People need to know that you're going to stick around. So I guess I'll keep freelancing until someone is willing to take a chance on a single mum with a sporadic employment history.

Maybe you could get a job making crap telly?
I think I'd enjoy that.