Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Happy birthday to my inspiration

I’m so proud of my daughter. Last year, she auditioned for the school concert and failed to get in. She picked herself up, dusted herself off and auditioned again this year - and this time, she succeeded! Yesterday she performed the solo song she had written in front of 200+ people. She is a lesson to me in how to deal with failure.

Today is her actual 7th birthday, and it is also exactly six months until my book launch and publication date. To mark this milestone, I am going to set off on my journey to lose 5 stone (70lbs) before the book comes out. Right now, I feel like getting a “Baby NOT on board” badge for the Tube, because my huge belly is so swollen! But that won’t be the case for much longer. This time, I am going to lose the weight in six months and keep it off, and fit into a beautiful size 8 dress at my book launch.

I want to be a good, healthy role model for my daughter, and that means not putting every foodstuff in the world in my mouth. I’ve failed to lose weight a thousand times before, but am going to follow Lily’s example: pick myself up, dust myself off and try again. This time I am going to succeed.


  1. And I thought I shared my birthday with your daughter! (And with the founding of Rome, and with the death of the Red Baron).

    1. Sorry! But the founding of Rome should make up for it I hope.

    2. And the death of the Red Baron!