Thursday, April 26, 2018

I'd rather be fat than ill

I started my hardcore diet yesterday, going onto meal replacement sachets and dropping my calories to 750 (plus soya milk in coffees). The first sign that all wasn't well came when I felt super-tired, and crawled into the little room to sleep during lunchtime.

When I got home after work, I took Sambucol and Metatone, hoping to keep the ills at bay.

By the time I had therapy yesterday evening, I announced, "I feel really rough." My therapist replied, "I can hear it in your voice." She suggested that I should "feed the cold" in order to cure it.

My theory is that my body is still fighting off the virus it's had for a month, and that by receiving fewer calories, it doesn't have the energy to ward it off.

So I fed it, because I'd rather be fat than ill.

*this post was brought to you by Boring Ill Announcements*


  1. I like boring announcements. They are part of what makes blogging and reading blogs fun.

    1. Ha ha, be careful what you wish for! (But thank you.)

    2. Well, I genuinely do like trivial topics.