Friday, April 20, 2018

On love and beauty

I'm feeling happy today. Not only is it sunny, but tomorrow is my little girl's 7th birthday party. I can't believe she's so grown up already. I'm so lucky to be her mum. I haven't seen her for a whole 11 days because of Easter, and today she's finally coming home.

I got some flak for fat-shaming myself in yesterday's blog. I just get so frustrated with myself, because my New Year's resolution was to be slim again for my daughter's birthday party so that we could take some lovely photos together. Instead, I'll be staying out of all the photos, and I feel sad about that.

But my little girl is the best. I said to her the other day, "I can't imagine a better daughter. There's no one funnier, kinder, smarter and more beautiful."

Then I added hastily, "It isn't important that you're beautiful, of course. It'll make your life easier, because people like beautiful people, but it doesn't matter. I mean, look at me - I'm not beautiful anymore, and you still like me."

She shook her head and replied solemnly: "No Mummy, you're still beautiful."

(I'm most emphatically not, but I'm happy that she thinks that.)

She's just got her first solo in the school concert next week, singing a song that she's written herself, and my boss is letting me take time off to go and see her.

So, even though I'm so fat that my thighs are chafing and my stomach's protruding from my t-shirt today, I'm very lucky.

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