Monday, April 16, 2018

Reasons to be happy

Hello people of the internet,

New Age gurus say 'what you focus on expands'. (They also talk a load of rubbish about how you attract what you think about, but I've yet to shit my pants at work despite worrying about it constantly when I had explosive diarrhoea last year, so I think we can safely forget about that one.)

Anyhow: I do believe that if you focus on happy things, that makes you feel cheerier, and it kind of works like the happy opposite of a vicious cycle. So here are five things that are making me feel better right now:

1. According to iPhone's weather app, it is going to be sunny in London EVERY DAY THIS WEEK! Sunshine, vitamin D, white wisps of cloud in turquoise skies... bliss. At last, some sign of summer approaching! (I mean, the app has been known to be wrong. Also this means I have to go out and water the plants in the garden every single day, but I'm meant to be focusing on good things, dammit!)

2. The impending good weather is making me doubly happy, because it's my daughter's 7th birthday party this week, and I'm also taking her to the Disney Store for a 'buy-whatever-you-want' treat, and it means (a) we won't get rained on, and (b) her little friends and their parents hopefully won't be tempted to stay in due to the rain, rather than trekking halfway across town to our house for the party.

3. We're between designers at work, so I get to do all the images for our app for a couple of weeks. It provides a fun respite from writing and uses a different part of my brain (I love writing, but I do it all the time, and it's nice to learn a new skill). I love being creative in a visual way, as those of you who have visited my house will know, but other than interior design, I don't get to do it very often.

4. I'M WELL! This should really be number 1, but I banged on about it two days ago, so it's been relegated to number 4. And god it's nice not to have to lie in bed making moaning noises, sipping vegetable soup and sending my lovely boss endless apology messages. Being ill sucks balls, and so I have nothing but gratitude for having energy again and not having to snot over hundreds of tissues.

5. *housewife klaxon alert* Lakeland have some very stylish ironing boards and laundry airers in their new catalogue. I think maybe I shouldn't include this one, because it makes me sound like the middle-aged woman I am. To neutralise this, I might have to include the words "sick", "dope" and "epic" in some news stories at work today. Because that's how I roll, dudes. Now, where are my pipe and slippers?

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