Monday, May 14, 2018

Dandelion clocks and the test card

I spent most of my weekend going through the proofs for my new book, and am so pleased with it. They've used a stunningly beautiful font for most of the text. Sadly there's no cover for the book yet, so I can't exhort you all to buy it, but am hoping we'll have one soon.

I was trying to find an image to denote a placeholder, and came up with this. If you're British and of a certain age, you probably remember it. I spent part of my childhood staring at it! It's both slightly creepy and deeply nostalgic. When people say that I'm technically a millennial, I don't believe them, because I don't think most millennials know what the test card is.

Which reminds me: I'm 37, and the last time I had a book out, I was 29. To put this into perspective: the last time I had a book published, I wasn't pregnant, and now I have a seven-year-old daughter! If that's not a stark illustration of the passing of time, I'm not sure what is. But the seven-year-old is the best thing about my life, so being older doesn’t matter to me at all.


  1. Ha! In my day we had proper interludes!

  2. In French, dandelion is called pissenlit, which means "piss in bed".

    Sorry, that is a filthy comment.