Friday, May 4, 2018

Election day


I went to vote last night. I probably didn’t need to in order to get the result I wanted, as I live in a solid Labour constituency which is 61% ethnic minorities and immigrants, but I would have felt guilty if I hadn't. It’s important for democracy to be representative. 

And then a little voice in my head says ‘Yes, but most people don’t read manifestos or even election leaflets - they’re just voting what their family and friends vote, and what they’ve been brought up to vote.’

Which is true, but it's not really the point. Humanity has yet to come up with a better system, so everybody gets a say, whether they choose to exercise their vote or not.

Anyhow, I like voting. It feels like doing something good for my community, and the people in the polling station are always lovely. 

It struck me, as I put my three kisses next to the roses, that the Conservative symbol is a tree, and their leader is called Tree-sa. So Labour should probably be led by someone called Rose. 

They kind of need their first female leader, so step up Rose, whoever you are.


  1. As long as the political leader is not a petty church lady, I'm happy.