Tuesday, May 15, 2018

LinkedIn, and linking out

I’ve just joined LinkedIn properly. I’ve had a profile for ages, but never really used it - only remembered I had it when I got the ‘X-who-you’ve-never-heard-of wants to connect with you’ emails pinging into my inbox.

But now I’ve had a full-time job for almost a year, I thought it might be useful for connecting with people in my company. It’s great for putting faces to names, especially when there are thousands of people I don’t yet know.

The slightly odd thing is having a corporate LinkedIn profile, and then a very personal and confessional blog. I’m hoping that, in the advent of social media, people will understand that employees can multitask and do their jobs perfectly well even when they blog about the end of their marriage, or tweet stuff like this:

Anyhow, feel free to ‘connect’ with me on there, putting a note that you’re a blog reader. It would be lovely to know who’s reading.

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