Saturday, May 12, 2018

The wonders of Twitter

Back in the day, celebrities were completely unreachable, as was virtually anyone. You couldn't get in touch with people by email - you had to send them a letter and hope they wrote back.

These days, thanks to Twitter, you can tweet anyone you like, and often you'll get a reply. The other day, I tweeted about Marmite, and the official Marmite Twitter account followed me!

I'm slightly in love with the Adobe Creative Cloud tutorials of a guy called Terry White. He makes Photoshop, InDesign and all the other programs I'm learning for work seem easy rather than daunting. He has a very friendly and easy-to-follow style of teaching - he doesn't go too fast and shows you exactly what he's doing to achieve amazing things.

So yesterday I decided to follow Terry on Twitter (@terrylwhite) and tweet him to let him know how much I enjoy his tutorials. He has over 51,000 followers, so I'm clearly not alone in loving his style.

I wrote:

He replied less than two hours later, and followed me back:

Then I showed him how he'd helped me:

And he replied:

So cool!

If you want to learn Adobe programs from the best, here are Terry's tutorials. Enjoy.


  1. I guess I might need to check them.

    1. Definitely! They're amazing.

    2. That said I should not thing about work on a Saturday it can put me in a bad mood.