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Welcome to Life In Numbers. I've kept this blog on-and-off since 2007, and decided it was due a refresh. It was looking a bit tired, and deserved a shot of tropical graphic design Botox.

As for the new title: no, I'm not becoming a mathlete. At my day job, as Global Content Editor for the app VEON, I write a lot of stories that start with a number ('5 Apps That Are Totally Black Mirror', etc), and I enjoy making lists, so I thought I'd do the same here. Instead of writing about apps though, I thought I'd write about happiness, and ways to improve all of our lives.

Speaking of numbers, a colleague at work said on Slack, our messaging tool: "I like your photo."

(Slack had dredged up a photo of me from the depths of the internet. I'm not sure how, as I can't find this photo on Google Images. Slack works in mysterious ways.)

"It was taken years ago," I said, "when I was 24."

"Ah," she replied, "that can be your 'press age'!"

I thought, "Sounds good to me!" But then I realised that there are beautiful things about ageing. For me, one is having a seven-year-old daughter. If I'd had her aged 17, I probably wouldn't have had the experience and maturity to be the patient, easygoing mum I am now.

Another is wisdom. I feel as though I both know myself better, and understand more about how life works.

Anyhow, I turn 38 next month, when I shall no doubt write the blog post '7 Reasons Why Ageing Is Great'. I have 24 days to ponder what they are.


  1. Anyone who's been on Countdown is definitely a mathlete, though I think you were younger than 24? Anyhow, liking the new blog. It looks classy and makes me want to go and sunbathe on a beach.

    1. Oh no, numbers were not my strong point. Ironically, given the title of this blog. Glad you like the new design!

  2. There’s a misprint in the last paragraph. you have typed 38 instead of 28.


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