4 Reasons to Feel Happy About Your Looks

In this digital age of Photoshop and Instagram - both of which I love to use, but which give us endless pictures of glossily ‘perfect’ models and influencers - it’s easy to feel inadequate about the way you look. Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t.

1. Your Body Is Amazing

Your body is an incredible thing. Your heart works ridiculously hard to keep pumping blood and keep you alive, your cells are constantly being repaired and malignant cells weeded out, your legs and feet carry you everywhere without a word of thanks... Next time you berate yourself for having a big gut, moobs or floppy boobs, acne, unwanted hair, cellulite or stretch marks, and generally not looking like an Instagram model, remember everything your amazing body does for you, and feel better.

2. Even Models Don’t Look Like Models

Instagram influencers typically take hundreds of shots to get one ‘perfect’ photo, and then use filters and Photoshop. Female models use a tonne of make-up, fake tan and contouring. They also have access to the best photographers, stylists, make-up artists, designer clothes, beauty products, hair extensions… there’s a whole industry going on around them. Don’t compare yourself to them when you’re checking Instagram on the Tube home, sweaty after a long day at work, with eyelashes clinging to your nose and crisps between your teeth. Actually, don’t compare yourself to them ever.

3. Being a Professional Model Is Dull

Between the ages of 22 and 24, I was the petite model for the UK high street clothes chains TopShop, Debenhams and Wallis. It sounds like every girl’s dream, trying on clothes for a living - but it made my heart sink when I walked into work to see a heaving rail of clothes that I had to parade around in, because it was so boring. When I gave it up aged 24, it was a huge relief. Seriously, there are few things more stultifying than having to walk up and down in different outfits. Be thankful that isn’t your job.

4. You Are More Than Your Looks

You do not exist to adorn the world, and anyone who thinks you do shouldn’t be in your life. So think of your imperfections as superficiality filters, weeding out shallow people. Why would you want people around you who wouldn’t be there if you weren’t pretty or slim? You are not a decoration. You are a complex, multifaceted and awesome human being - and the fact that you have less control over your appearance than you might like doesn't detract from this. Anyone who doesn’t recognise your inherent worth doesn’t deserve to be part of your world.


  1. Of course, not all of us start with your advantages...

    1. I was about to write a list of my physical flaws in this comment, but caught myself!

  2. I sympathise with the person in the photo. No matter how careful I am when refilling printer cartridges, I always end up looking like that.

  3. Professional models seem very dull themselves and utterly bored.

    A filthy remark on the subject: Anthony Burgess said that having sex with a supermodel was like making love to a bicycle.

    1. I hope I wasn't dull, but I was definitely utterly bored!


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