Day 47: Happiness

I got some really good news about the book today, which may mean I have to do a photo shoot (not sure yet). It's weird, but even though I'm bigger than I'd like, I'm feeling good about my body right now. It's strong, it's healthy and it does everything it's meant to do. Sure, I'm carrying some extra pounds, but eventually they'll drop off.

I'm totally embracing a vegan diet and it feels great. OK, so I'm not an ├╝ber-strict vegan - I might eat dairy if offered a piece of milk chocolate at work, for instance - but in general, I'm sticking to veganism and I love it. There's something really powerful about knowing that the food you're eating is good for your body. I'm not judging anyone else for their diet (sausages taste delicious, as I recall) but this is what's best for me right now.

That said, I watched a video for work today which said that in the future, we'll all have to eat worms! I guess it's no weirder than eating prawns. But right now, I'd rather not eat either.

Waist: 32.25"
Bust: 39"


  1. You should go to Montreal, you'd be in vegan heaven. Although might not be the best city for dieting. The restaurant Aux Vivres makes the best chocolate cake (choco-apple cake). And the Green Panther makes the best falafel.

    1. That does sound amazing. LA is the best city I’ve found for vegan food so far - Doomie’s and Veggie Grill are incredible.


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